Name: Konno Tamao (紺野 玉緒)
Meeting Requirements: Use the study command on a school day when your Intelligence stat is 55 and above or Join the Student Council
Height: 181cm 
Weight: 65kg 
Birthday: 19th of January
Star Sign: Capricorn
Blood Type:
Cellphone Number: ●×●-■●■×-●▲■× 
Club: Student Council of Habataki
Part-time Job: None
Future: First-rate University
CV: Susumu Chiba
Description: The younger brother of Tamami Konno from TMGS1. 


Neutral: Konno-senpai (紺野先輩), Tamao-senpai (玉緒先輩), Kaichou (President) 会長
Likes: Tamao-san (玉緒さん)
Loves: Tama-chan (たまちゃん), Tamao-kun (玉緒くん)
Never: Tama (タマ), Otama-san (おタマさん), Tamao~(玉緒)


Date SpotsEdit

Favorite Places: Habataki Mountain (Ski), Habataki Castle (Exhibition), Sea (Seaside Walk), Event Hall (Comedy Live), Planetarium, Forest Park (Cherry blossoms), Bowling Alley (Dart)

Disliked Places: Museum (Vintage Bike Exhibition), Heated Pool, Event Hall (Tongari Bozu)


Type: Natural, Cute,

Topping: Pearls, Cashews, Raisins + Whiskey Bon Bon


Likes: Cute Chic, Cute Natural= Ultra Cute = Cute > Chic
Hates: Sexy
Swimsuit: Cute Swimsuits from Boutique Sofia (Park)
Color: Green


1st: Stations and Trains Photobook 駅と列車の写真集 // Tin Locomotive
2nd: Railroads Manual 鉄道・全駅下車マニュアル
3rd: Stylish Ski Headgear スタイリッシュなスキー帽 // Floor Globe

1 Rich: Vehicle Leaving Chime, Alarm Clock 発車メロディ目覚まし時計
10 Rich: 1/144 Habataki Castle


Ending RequirementsEdit

Intelligence 200
Social Life 150

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