Sakuya MorimuraEdit

  • Meeting Requirements: Hit 55 in Intelligence
  • Birthday: July 7th, 1986
  • Horoscope: Cancer
  • Blood Type: O
  • Club/Job: Gardening Club
  • Your Rival: Shiho Arisawa
  • Favorited Color: Green
  • Favorite Music: Classical Jazz records
  • Favorite Fragrance: Jasmine
  • Voice Actor: Akira Ishida
  • Nicknames:
    Default: Morimura-kun, Morimura-san, Morimura, Sakuya-kun
    Smiling: Sakuya, Sakubou, Moririn
    Grinning: Sakuya-chan, Sa.Ku.Ya.


Like, Dislikes and Tips

  • Favorite Outfit Style: Pure
  • Acceptable Outfit Style: Elegant
  • Hated Outfit Style: Sexy
  • Best Accessory: Brooch, Clip-on Earrings
  • Join Gardening Club
  • Don't ask him out too often (ask about every 2 weeks,and not too close to tests and finals).
  • Always accept his date requests.
  • Always ask to walk home with him, even if he rejects the offer (Once he's reach a smiling face, you can attempt asking him to have coffee.)

Ideal Dates

  • Movies (The D-Day War)
  • Forest Park - Spring (sakura in bloom)
  • Forest Park - Autumn
  • Forest Park - Winter
  • Zoo
  • Habataki Fireworks
  • Habataki Mountain - Autumn Colors
  • Night Parade


  • Where: Face (Tap his glasses)
  • When: When greeted on your date, after responding appropriately, and when Sakuya thanked for the date.

Correct Responses

  • Planetarium = "That star was shining some million years ago"
  • Forest Park (Winter) = "I feel that the air in winter is clear."
  • Forest Park (Winter) = "Children are outdoor creatures."
  • Forest Park (Autumn) = "Falling leaves are romantic."

Birthday and Christmas GiftsEdit

Birthday Gifts

  • 1st Year: Potted Cactus
  • 2nd Year: Black tea set
  • 3rd Year: Picnic basket

Christmas Gifts

  • 1 Rich: Mini Cactus
  • 10 Rich: Music box

Ending RequirementsEdit

  • Intelligence = 200+
  • Social = 150+
  • Had at least 10 Dates
  • Have a relationship of Like or Love
  • No bombs have gone off