Motoharu MasakiEdit

  • Meeting Requirements: Start working at Anneri Floral Shop
  • Birthday: January 24th
  • Star Sign: Aquarius
  • Blood Type: A
  • Club/Job: Part-timer at Anneri Floral Shop
  • Favorite Color: Orange
  • Future: Second-rate University
  • Your Rival: None
  • Voice Actor: Yuji Ueda
  • Nicknames:
    Default: Masaki-senpai


Like, Dislikes and Tips:Edit

  • Favorite Outfit Style: Sexy
  • Acceptable Outfit Style: Pure
  • Disliked Outfit Style: Elegant
  • Always accept dates since you can't ask him out


  • Neutral State:
  • Smiling:
  • Grinning and Tokimeki:

Correct ResponsesEdit

Birthday and Christmas GiftsEdit

Birthday GiftsEdit

  • 1st Year: Silent Hill Soundtrack
  • 2nd Year: RENGE Cafe Don Set
  • 3rd Year: DVD Collection of Horror Movies

Christmas GiftsEdit

  • He doesn't accept Christmas gifts, so save your money with a random 1 rich item.

Ending RequirementsEdit

  • Fitness = 150+
  • Social = 150+
  • At least 15 Dates (With Accidental Kiss) 25 Dates (Without Accidental Kiss)

CG ListEdit