Madoka Kijyo

Kijou is a dark-skinned boy originally from the Kansai area. His mother died and he does not get along with his father, so he now lives alone. He cooks for himself and even prepares the main character an Obento. He intends to become a "freeter" after graduation but also seems interested in working for a company. Madoka loves to cook and is a huge fan of bikes. He is friends with Morimura and Suzuka. He has several run-ins with Himuro due to his bad grades and conduct. He does not participate in any clubs since he has a part time job at a Gasoline Station.
  • Meeting Requirements: Reach 55 in Style
  • Birthday: June 18th, 1986
  • Horoscope: Gemini
  • Blood Type: A
  • Club/Job: Gas Station
  • Favorite Color: White
  • Favorite Music: Western music
  • Your Rival: Natsumi Fuji
  • Future: 1st rate Company
  • Voice Actor: Ryotaro Okiayu
  • Nicknames:
    Default: Kijyo-kun
    All times: All names involving Kijyo, Niiyan
    Grinning: All the names involving Madoka
    Tokimeki: All the names involving Madoka


Like, Dislikes and Tips

  • Favorite Outfit Style: Sexy
  • Acceptable Outfit Style: Sporty
  • Hated Outfit Style: Elegant
  • Best Accessory: Pierced Earrings (Pierces)
  • Get a job at the Gas Station (Reach 50 in Fashion and Social to unlock in JOB NEWS)
  • Don't bother studying (It's best to keep your Intelligence at about 20 to 30)
  • Always accept his date requests.
  • Always ask to walk home with him, even if he rejects the offer (Once he's reach a smiling face, you can attempt asking him to have coffee.)

Ideal Dates

  • Live House (SUPER CHARGER)
  • Live House (Don to PON)
  • Game Center (Music Game Corner)
  • Forest Park (Autumn)
  • Fireworks (The First Sunday of August)
  • Amusement Park (Night Parade) 8/1 - 8/31
  • Event Hall (Metal Brave)
  • Event Hall (Miracle Cross)


  • Where: Face (Tap where his cheekbone would be)
  • When: When greeted on your date, after responding appropriately, and when he rates the date.

Correct Responses

  • Live House (SUPER CHARGER) = "That live was the best!"
  • Live House (SUPER CHARGER) = "I love heavy rock!"
  • Live House (anoma:lo:cari's) = "That live was boring!"
  • Live House (Don to PON) = "That live was the best!"
  • Live House (Don to PON) = "I also feel refreshed."
  • Game Center = "There's a plush toy that I want."
  • Game Center (Video Game Corner) = "Let's just try again next time."
  • Game Center (Video Game Corner) = "I want the gemstone key chain."
  • Game Center (Medal Game Corner) = "How about Black Jack?"
  • Game Center (Music Game Corner) = "I love it!"
  • Forest Park (Winter) = "Doing this occasionally is nice."
  • Forest Park (Spring/Flower-viewing) = "It's like we're in a dream world."
  • Aquarium = "It's like art within the water."
  • Zoo = "Then we should also stare back at it."
  • Beach = "I want to spend time leisurely at the shore."
  • Beach = "You can feel liberated when you come here."
  • Amusement Park (Bungee Jump) = "That was the best thrill!"
  • Amusement Park (Bungee Jump) = "Yeah, that was the most unnerving time."
  • Amusement Park (Haunted House) = "I wasn't scared because you were with me."
  • Amusement Park (Haunted House) = "I was holding on to you, Kijyo-kun."
  • Amusement Park (Night Parade) = "I forget about the time when I watch this."
  • Amusement Park (Night Parade) = "I'm too short. I can't see anything..."
  • Amusement Park (Night Parade) = "Shall we dance here instead?"
  • Event Hall (Metal Brave) = "That event was the best!"
  • Event Hall (Miracle Cross) = "That event was the best!"
  • Waterfront Park (Habataki Tower) = "Ah, isn't that a UFO?!"
  • Waterfront Park (Habataki Tower) = "Maybe I can see across the sea."
  • Waterfront Park (Brick Road) = "There should be more recreation spots."
  • Bowling Alley (Bowling) = "Let's compete to see who wins!"
  • Bowling Alley (Billiards) = "Let's compete to see who wins!"
  • Indoor Pool = "If it's swimming, leave it to me!"
  • Indoor Pool = "Look at my long, beautiful legs!"
  • Karaoke = "What about this new release?"
  • Fireworks = "They were like flowers in the night sky."
  • His House = "It's a unique room!"

Birthday and Christmas Gifts

Birthday Gifts

  • 1st Year: Antique Tea Cup
  • 2nd Year: "Safe Driving" Amulet
  • 3rd Year: Rider Gloves

Christmas Gifts

  • 1 Rich: Pencil Holder
  • 10 Rich: Music Box

CG Images

Ending Requirements

  • Style= 200+ Each
  • Fitness = 150+ Each
  • Had at least 10 Dates
  • Have a relationship of Like or Love
  • No bombs have gone off