Name: Sakurai Kouichi (桜井 琥一)
Meeting Requirements: NIL
Height: 189cm - 190cm - 190cm
Weight: 73kg - 73kg - 73kg
Interests: Motorbikes, vintage items
Birthday: 19th May
Star Sign: Taurus
Blood Type: A
Cellphone Number: ●×●-▲■▲▲-■■▲●
Club: None
Part-time Job: STALLION Gas Station
Future: Helps parents back home
CV: Junichi Suwabe
Description: The older brother of Sakurai Ruka. Gets into fights often.


Neutral: Kouichi-kun, Kou-kun
Friends: Kou, Kouichi
Likes: Kou-chan, Aniki, Danna (Husband)
Never: Sakurai-kun, Sakurai-Ani


Date SpotsEdit

Favorite Places: Bowling Arena (Bowling), Museum (Vintage Bike Exhibition), Seaside Park (Brick Path), Event Hall (Tongari Bozu), Planetarium, Forest Park (Autumn/Winter), Sea (Summer/Winter), Habataki Mountain (Leaf-viewing/Ski), Flea Market, Amusement Park (Jet Coaster), Habataki Castle
Disliked Places: Karaoke Box, Amusement Park (Ferris Wheel, Haunted House), Skating Rink, Aquarium (Normal, Dolphin Show), Zoo (Alpacas), Forest Park (Summer)


Likes: Vivid > Sexy, Ultra Vivid > Ultra Sexy, Wild (Vivid + Sexy)
Hates: Cute
Swimsuit: Striped Bikini
Colour: Orange


To himEdit

1st Year: Plastic Model of SR400 (SR400のプラモ) > Motorbike Movie Poster
2nd Year: Vintage Bike Emblem (2nd : “ビンテージ…) > American License Plate > Eyebrow
3rd Year: Vintage Mini Car > Vintage Billfold > ガチ・ブラックのソフビ人形

Christmas: Antique Radio (10 Rich, 2nd) or Keychain with LED Lightbulbs (1 Rich)

From himEdit


1st Year: Oldies CD
2nd Year: Primrose Cloisonne Ring (Tokimeki state)
3rd Year: Vintage Milk-Glass Mug, Primrose Crystal Ring


1st Year: Used Wrench Set
2nd Year: Keychain with SR400 Logo
3rd Year: SP Oldies Record

White DayEdit

1st Year: Vintage Bike Photobook (friendly and up)
2nd Year: Oldies Picture Record (likes and up)

Valentines DayEdit

Type: Wild, Pop

Topping: White Bon Bon, Bitter Chocolate, Heart Choco Topping 3, Green Tea Powder,
Bitter Choco+ Almond+Bitter Choco Topping+Cashew

Fav Topping: Candy Cane, Whisky Bonbons


Ending RequirementsEdit

Art 150
Sports 150
Social 150
Charm 70

If your study is 0, you can still get the guy, but then you will have to take extra classes, so think carefully


(1) (2) (3) (11) (12) (13) (18) (19) (20)
(4) (5) (6) (14) (15) (16) (21) (22) (23)
(7) (8) (9) (17)

(1) Meeting
Requirements: Automatic

(2) First Impression
Requirements: 1st Year, May 1; Automatic

(3) Cornered
Requirements: Winter uniform; walk home with him.

(4) In Front of the Church
Requirements: Summer; Likes and up; Automatic

(5) At the Park
Requirements: 3rd Year, January; Ruka's affection must be friendly or below; Likes and up

(6) Arrest
Requirements: After viewing previous CG

(7) School Play
Requirements: 3rd Year School Culture Festival; choose to participate in the school play instead of club activity (if any); Likes and up; Kouichi's affection is the highest

(8) Smile for the Camera
Requirements: 2nd Year School Trip; Likes and up; Kouichi's affection must be higher than Ruka's

(9) Cafe (Winter Uniform)
Requirements: Invite him to the cafe after school during winter/spring.

(10) Cafe (Summer Uniform)
Requirements: Invite him to the cafe after school during summer/autumn.

(11) Planetarium
Requirements: Spring; Date at Planetarium; Likes and up

(12) "It's just a joke..."
Requirements: August; Date at Amusement Park (Haunted House); Likes and up

(13) Top Score
Requirements: Autumn; Date at Game Center; Neutral and up

(14) Weak Spot
Requirements: Winter; Date at Skating Rink; must be your first date at the skating rink; Likes and up

(15) The Sound of Thunder
Requirements: Summer; Date at the Beach; Likes and up

(16) Service with a Smile
Requirements: Work at STALLION Gasoline Stand; Friends and up

(17) After the Christmas Party
Requirements: 3rd Year Christmas; Likes and up; Kouichi's affection is the highest

(18) Confession
Requirements: Fulfill Kouichi's normal ending requirements.

(19) (20) (21) Confession 2
Requirements: Agree to his confession.

(22) Best Friend's Confession
Requirements: Fulfill Best Friends ending requirements

(23) Future
Requirements: After the end credits


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