Kei Hazuki
Personal Information
Birthday Oct 16th, 1986
Sign Libra
Blood Type A
Club/Job Part-time Model
Favorite Color White
Love Rival None
Future  ?
Voice Actor Hikaru Midorikawa

The "Prince" of TMGS1 and childhood friend of the protagonist, Kei Hazuki is a part-time model and high-achiever academically. Though he is cold in the beginning of the game, he gradually warms up to main character. Due to Hazuki being too perfect, he has very high standards for the protagonist, so you'll have to work extra hard to get the stats required.


  • Meeting Requirements: Day 1 (Automatic)
  • Favorite Music: Violin Pieces
  • Favorite Fragrance: Shitorasuminto
  • Nicknames:
    Default: Hazuki-kun
    All times: Hazuki, Hazuki-san, Kei-kun
    Smiling/grinning: Kei, Kei-chan
    Tokimeki: Kei-tama, Kei-pon


Like, Dislikes and Tips

  • Favorite Outfit Style: Pure
  • Acceptable Outfit Style: Sporty
  • Hated Outfit Style: Sexy
  • Best Accessory: Barrette/Hair Clip
  • Work at Cafe ALUCARD. (Raise your Social stats to 50 get a job offer through JOB NEWS on your phone).
  • Don't ask him out too often (ask about every 2 weeks,and not too close to tests and finals).
  • Always accept his date requests.
  • Always ask to walk home with him, even if he rejects the offer (Once he's reach a smiling face, you can attempt asking him to have coffee.)
  • During the Week-long field trip from (2nd Year, 9/15 - 9/20), go with Kei to do sight-seeing, when Konno asks you to join her in playing in the guys' room, join her (You'll activate the pillow fight minigame, it doesn't matter if you win or not). When Himuro-sensei appears, hide in the futon.

Ideal Dates

  • Planetarium
  • Cinema - Velocity of Light
  • Cinema - Spinning
  • Forest Park - Cherry Blossoms in Bloom
  • Forest Park - Summer
  • Waterfront Park - Walk
  • Amusement Park - Night Parade
  • Zoo


  • Where: Top of his head
  • When: When greeted on your date, after responding appropriately, and Kei rates the date.

Correct Responses

  • Planetarium = "The twinkling stars were so romantic."
  • Planetarium = "Surely someone who loves star gazing."
  • Planetarium = "I wished that I could use magic."
  • Waterfront Park = "I hope there wouldn't be too many buildings."
  • Waterfront Park = "Their casual matching clothes look nice."
  • Forest Park = "It just makes me want to lie down on it."
  • Forest Park = "Yeah, we can't relax."
  • Forest Park = "The sunlight is really radiant."
  • Forest Park (Spring/Cherry Blossoms) = "This scenery can only be enjoyed now."
  • Cinema (Dr. Chavin/Velocity of Light) = "That Movie was the best!"
  • Zoo = "Yeah, their sleeping faces are cute."
  • Zoo = "It's jealous of how well we get along."
  • Zoo = "Meow!"
  • Botanical Garden = "The air is fresh when you are among plants."
  • Botanical Garden = "I want to have some tea in the garden."
  • Botanical Garden = "So that rose is like Hazuki-kun?"
  • Indoor Pool = "If it's swimming, leave it to me!"
  • Museum = "This primitive man looks just like you."
  • Park Area = "Really? All right, I'll buy it!"
  • Amusement Park (Roller Coaster) = "The feeling of speed was the best!"
  • Amusement Park (Roller Coaster) = "Me too! ...But that's just normal."
  • Amusement Park (Ferris Wheel) = "I was somewhat really sleepy."
  • Amusement Park (Haunted house)= "I was really scared."
  • Game Center (Music Game Corner) = "Yeah, I love it!"
  • His House = "It's a wonderful room!"
  • His House = "Classical music would be nice."
  • Aquarium = "It's like art within the water."
  • Aquarium = "Maybe we can try scuba diving"

Birthday and Christmas GiftsEdit

Birthday Gifts

  • 1st Year: Cat Jigsaw Puzzle
  • 2nd Year: Cat Pillow
  • 3rd Year: Silver Flower Vase

Christmas Gifts

  • 1 Rich: Kitten Calendar
  • 10 Rich: Glass Vase

CG ImagesEdit

  • Be Smiling or Above, go on a date to Forest Park during Spring. Touch Kei's head when he greets you.
  • Be Smiling or Above, ask Kei on a date for August 1st to see the fireworks. (Try doing it 2 weeks before, so you don't forget!)
  • Be Smiling or Above, go on a date to Forest Park during Autumm.
  • Be Smiling or Above, go on a date at the Bowling (Billiards) in May on the 2nd year.

Ending RequirementsEdit

  • Intelligence, Art, Style, Fitness = 150+ Each
  • Social, Charm = 100+ Each
  • Had at least 10 Dates
  • Have a relationship of Like or Love
  • No bombs have gone off


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