Katsumi ShibaEdit

  • Meeting Requirements: Raise fitness to 55 or Join Baseball Team
  • Birthday: November 21th
  • Star Sign: Scorpio
  • Blood Type: A
  • Club/Job: Baseball (3rd Year)
  • Favorite Color: Black
  • Your Rival: Tatsuko Todo
  • Future: First-rate Sports University
  • Voice Actor: Kazuya Nakai
  • Nicknames:
    Default: Shiba-kun, Shiba
    Smiling: Shibayan, Katsumi-kun
    Grinning: Katsumi, Kaachan


Like, Dislikes and Tips:Edit

  • Favorite Outfit Style: Sporty
  • Acceptable Outfit Style: Pure
  • Disliked Outfit Style: Elegant
  • Swimsuit:

Ideal DatesEdit

  • Amusement Park (Go Karts) (Jet Coaster) (Night parade)
  • Aquarium (Orca Show)
  • Bowling Arena (Bowling) (Darts)
  • Event Hall (Rumble Bouzu)
  • Habataki Mountain (Momiji) (Skiing)
  • Movie Theater (Little Man)
  • Live House (Need's)
  • Zoo (Normal) (Petting Zoo) (White Tiger)

Disliked DatesEdit

  • Amusement park (Merry Go Round) (Ferris Wheel)
  • Event Hall (4 Seasons)
  • Fireworks Festival
  • Game Center (Video games) (Medal corner)
  • Habataki Castle (Display Corner) (Gateway to Heaven)
  • Indoor Pool
  • Karaoke BOX
  • Live House (Dig Mouse Brother)
  • Movie theater (273.15) (MIKURO) (Big Love) (Diary of Catherine Burns)
  • Museum (GAAGII exhibition)
  • Seaside Park (Bayside Bridge)
  • Sky Garden


  • Neutral State:
  • Smiling:
  • Grinning and Tokimeki:

Correct ResponsesEdit

Birthday and Christmas GiftsEdit

Birthday GiftsEdit

  • 1st Year: Low set sleeping pillow
  • 2nd Year: Silver Bookmark
  • 3rd Year: Mesh Undershirt

Christmas GiftsEdit

  • 1 rich:
  • 10 rich: Room Stepper

Ending RequirementsEdit

  • Fitness = 200+
  • Social = 150+
  • At least 15 Dates (With Accidental Kiss) 25 Dates (Without Accidental Kiss)

CG ListEdit


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