Name: Niina Junpei (新名 旬平)
Meeting Requirements: Automatically at the beginning of second year OR having a high enough fashion stat and selecting 'Shopping' on weekends will allow you to run into him in your first year. However, he won't give you his name.
Height: 173cm - 175cm - 176cm
Weight: 58kg - 59kg - 61kg
Interests: Fishing Birthday: 25th November
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type: B
Cellphone Number:● × ● - ■ ▲ ● × - × ▲ ■ ×
Club: None/Judo (If conditions met)
Part-time Job: Convenience Store
CV: Atsushi Kisaichi


Neutral: Niina-kun, Niina
Likes: Jun, Junpei
Loves: Junpei-kun, Pe-, Pe-Chan
Never: Jun-Chan, Niina-san


Loves: Hanabiki Mountain (Ski), Live House, Forest Park (Flower Viewing), Heated Pool, Skate, Seaside Park, Sea, Fireworks, His place

Hates: Habataki Castle (Exhibition Corner, Heaven Guard Pavilion),  Planetarium, Event Hall (KCH Symphony, Habataki Rockfesta)

 Correct Responses Edit

  • Live House = "It was so wonderful!"

Fashion Edit

loves: Sexy, cute

hates: natural

Color: pink

Advice: Check the internet regularly to see what is in the 'trend' and Junpei will comment you with pleasure on the stuff you wear^^ Try to wear outfits that has a 'star' on the sexy category as it indicates that its the best of the best 'sexy' style!


Ending RequirementsEdit

Style 200
Intelligence 150