Ikkaku Amanohashi

Amanohashi is the school's chairman of the board of trustees who dreams of educating an ideal woman. He is wealthy and invites the students to the yearly Christmas party he holds at his residence. He's an old friend of fashion designer Goro Hanatsubaki. It is suggested that his father is an acquaintance of Hazuki's grandfather. He was instrumental in admitting Kijou into the school. He is mentioned in TMGS2 and is seen in Karen and Arashi's Route in TMGS3.
  • Meeting Requirements: Reach 50 in Charm
  • Birthday: Feb 5th, 1966
  • Horoscope: Aquarius
  • Blood Type: B
  • Club/Job: Principal / Teacher in charge of Handicraft Club
  • Favorited Color: Red
  • Favorite Music: Classic music, British rock when he was kid.
  • Favorite Fragrance: Floral
  • Voice Actor: Jurouta Kosugi
  • Nicknames:
    Default: Amanohashi-san
    All times: Amanohashi-san, Principal
    Smiling: Ikkaku-san
    Grinning: Ikkaku-san
    Tokimeki: Ikakku, Ojisama


Like, Dislikes and Tips

  • Favorite Outfit Style: Elegant
  • Acceptable Outfit Style: Pure
  • Hated Outfit Style: Sporty
  • Best Accessory: Corsage
  • Always accept his date requests.
  • Always ask for a ride home, even if he rejects you.

Ideal Dates

  • None (He has to invite you on dates)


  • Where: Shoulders and Neck Area
  • When: When greeted on your date, after responding appropriately, and when he rates the date.

Correct Responses

  • Tabataki Mall = Wow! This is wonderful!

Birthday and Christmas Gifts

Birthday Gifts

  • 1st Year: KTYO CD
  • 2nd Year: Bottled ship
  • 3rd Year: Your memorial album

Christmas Gifts

  • 1 Rich: Glass pencil-stand
  • 10 Rich: Ceramic lantern

CG Images

  • Be Smiling or Above, during exam times in the summer.
  • Be Smiling or Above, during November or October.
  • Be Smiling or Above, at April on the 3rd year go to date at the event hall.
  • Be Smiling or Above, ride his car during the Summer.
  • Be Smiling or Above, at Spring go to Boutique Nanami, Alone.
  • Be Smiling or Above, in the Spring go to the Gentsufuu Gen. Store, Alone. Social must be above 100.

Ending Requirements

  • Social and Charm = 150+ Each
  • Had at least 10 Dates
  • Have a relationship of Like or Love
  • No bombs have gone off