Name: Fujiyama Arashi (不二山 嵐)
Meeting Requirements: Use the exercise command on a school day when your Sports stat is 55 and above OR have a part-time job at the pool.
Height: 177cm - 177cm - 178 cm
Weight: 70kg - 70kg - 71 kg
Interests: Judo, growing chrysanthemums
Birthday: September 8th
Star Sign: Virgo
Blood Type: AB
Cellphone Number: ●×●-■×■●-×▲×●
Club: Judo
Part-time Job: Pool Lifeguard
Future: First-rate Sports University
CV: Eiji Miyashita
Description: Started the judo club. A very dedicated person.


Neutral: Fujiyama-kun, Fujiyama
Likes: Arashi-kun, Arashi-san
Loves: Arashi, Anata
Never: Shishou (Master), Yamaarashi, Judo-kun


Date SpotsEdit

Favorite Places: Skate Park, Zoo (Petting Zoo), Habataki Castle (Castle Tower), Ranch
Disliked Places: Amusement Park (Ferris Wheel, Merry-Go-Round)


Likes: Ultra Active = Sporty > Vivid
Hates: Chic
Swimsuit: Active
Color: Blue


To himEdit

1st Year: Funwari Muffler Towel > Concentration UP Classical CD > Revised Editon: Math is Outer Space!
2nd Year: Dry Mesh T-Shirt > Medal-shaped Coaster 3-piece Gold/Silver/Bronze > DVDで学柔道技 入門編 (hard to translate this; it's like, "Judo for Noobs")
3rd Year: Branded Sports Bag > 図解 名人に学ぶ菊作り (also hard to translate; something like a famous book on chrysanthemum-growing) > 好き嫌いがなくなる本 (not even gonna try lol)

Christmas: High-Quality Protein Supplement (10 Rich) or Alpaca Plushie (1 Rich)

Valentine's Day: Cool (heart-shape bitter chocolate base with coffee beans, almonds, cocoa powder and strawberry)

From himEdit


1st Year: Dokurokuma Strap (Style +10)
2nd Year: Iolite Pendant (Friendly state; wearable accessory)
3rd Year: Three-Star Sports Mini Traveling Bag


1st Year: Yoga Rhythm DVD
2nd Year: Reindeer-shaped Soft Cushion
3rd Year: Snowman Bead Cushion

White DayEdit

1st Year: 瓶詰めキュッパキャプス (bottle of Chupa-Chups)
2nd Year: Heart-Shaped Box (for putting small things in)


Ending RequirementsEdit

Sports 200
Social 150


(1) (2) (3) (12) (13) (14) (18) (19) (20)
(4) (5) (6) (15) (16) (17) (21) (22)
(7) (8) (9)
(10) (11)

(1) (2) Defeating 100 People
Requirements: 1st year School Culture Festival; Normal and up; occurs only after seeing the event in which Amanohashi gives the Judo club a room to practice in.
(3) First Match
Requirements: Use the Judo Club command on a holiday; Likes and up; must have used the Judo command for a significant amount of times first *unsure of amount*

(4) Lunch at class

Requirements: None. It happens in any day.

(20) First Kiss

Requirements: Complete all his parameters to get his ending.